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Holding hands: No relationship teaches us more about ourselves than the parent-child relationship. (Image by Roman Kraft)
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Conscious Parenting Circle

Step-by-step to an emotionally healthy environment for your family

Small group course in Munich-Sendling * 5 x 90 min beginning  09.01.2024

If you are wanting to be a calmer, more confident and present parent, and have empowered, resilient kids and teens, join me for a five-week program to learn the game-changing method of Conscious Parenting. Each week, we’ll meet as a small group to discover a different way to parent that can completely change your relationship with your child and the dynamics in your family home. And most of all, it can make the world of difference for your own life as well.


Conscious Parenting turns old-school parenting as we know it on its head, shifting the focus from the child to the parent. And not how you might think, but in the most compassionate and loving way. It is an incredible opportunity for self-discovery, transformation, and a release from ways of being that may not be serving you – in all areas of your life. 


This program is for parents (of both young children and teenagers) who are:


•  frustrated that their child doesn’t listen to them, is defiant or disrespectful

•  worried about their child’s school grades or performance

•  concerned about their child’s confidence, social skills or mental health

•  stuck in cycles of being triggered, yelling, then feeling guilty

•  struggling with constant conflict in the family home

•  feeling they are failing to meet expectations as a parent or in general

•  are exhausted, overwhelmed and have no time for themselves

•  wanting more connection with their child


Over the course of the program, you’ll learn the tools to:


•  Become aware of your beliefs and patterns that subconsciously influence your parenting – and how they are shaped by your own parents, your childhood, and by culture

•  Communicate with your child so that you both feel heard

•  Foster connection by releasing fears

•   Identify and manage your expectations of your child

•  Empower your children to more autonomy and self-trust


… and much, much more.


Each week I will guide you step-by-step and there will be plenty of time to explain your challenges and get what is there off your chest.


Start the New Year with a new perspective. When parents learn and grow alongside their children, the whole family thrives.



Course dates: 5 x Tuesdays 9.30am – 11.00am, from 9 January to 6 February 2024      

Location: Seminar room, Hollerbusch Naturkost, Daiserstrasse 5, 81371

Price:   €575.00 p.P.

Register here:


Group size is limited, so register soon to secure your spot!

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