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The calming effect of green eucalyptus leaves: Regulate your nervous system by connecting with nature. (Image by Diana Polekhina)
Michelle Carstens Coach Munich
Waves on the surface of the ocean: Uncover hidden patterns or belief systems that lie deep below the surface of our behaviours. (Image by Matt Hardy)

About me

Originally from Adelaide, South Australia, I am a Conscious Parenting and Trauma-Informed Life Coach based in Munich, Germany, where I have lived for over 20 years. I’m passionate about helping adults and teens discover their self-worth, find relief from stress and anxiety, and have more meaningful and fulfilling relationships. 

I came to conscious parenting coaching as I navigated a period of major transition in my own life and found it incredibly supportive for me and my children through this time. The principles have fundamentally changed how I live and relate to others and have equipped me with greater self-compassion and self-trust. Getting to know my own patterns, shadows, triggers, and nervous system responses, a regular meditation practice and individual coaching have given me the tools to live more intentionally, authentically and to deepen my connection with my children and in all relationships. These are the tools I now share with my clients.

I have great respect for all those that choose to show up to coaching and be vulnerable about their innermost concerns. All stories, emotions and feelings are welcome and allowed to "be" in the present moment. I honour every person’s core need to be seen and heard for who they are without judgment and offer a safe space for my clients to share what’s on their hearts and minds. I also believe in the healing power of humour and make room for lightness and laughter in between. Using a trauma-informed approach, I take the body and nervous system into account and use somatic techniques to ease symptoms of anxiety and chronic stress.


·       Conscious Parenting Coaching Method™ (CPCM) Coach, Dr Shefali Tsabary

·       Trauma-informed Life Purpose Coach (LPCC), Mastin Kipp/LPA

·       Currently undertaking: Compassionate Inquiry, Dr.  Gabor Maté/Sat Dharam

·       BA International & Regional Studies, University of South Australia

I work under the supervision of Dr Shefali Tsabary and the clinical advisory team of the Conscious Parenting Institute Alumni.

Stormy seas: learn to navigate conflict consciously and drama-free
A stairway to the ocean: Parenting is a journey and our children show us where we need to grow. (Image by Syed Hadi Naqvi)
About Me
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