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Transform your relationships

Coaching for parents,
families, couples and individuals

Michelle Carstens Coach
Conscious Parenting & Family Coaching

It's all about connection

Sometimes you reach a point in life where you know things can’t go on as they are. You feel disconnected, confused and overwhelmed, or really angry and upset. Definitely stressed and exhausted. Maybe your relationship with your partner is troubling you. Maybe your child is acting out or experiencing problems. Or you just feel like you are stuck and can’t get out of a rut.

Something has to change, but you have no idea what it is or how to go about it. It's only natural to look outside of you for the answers, but what I have learned is that the answers are always found within. It’s just tricky to see them yourself, and it helps to have a guide to show you how.

The relationships you have with others reflect the relationship you have with yourself. Healing from the inside out is a profound process that has a ripple effect beyond you. Change isn’t always easy, but the reward is peace, calm and connection.

Curious how this can work for you? Contact me for a free discovery call.

How it works

1. Discovery call

In this free call you can take your time to tell me about what is happening or what is concerning you. You can see how you feel talking to me. I will explain how my coaching works and how it can help in your situation.

2. How often?

At the end of the discovery call we will decide together which coaching package is right for you. The coaching process takes time, so I offer a minimum of 6 sessions, but also offer 8 and 12 session packages. 

3. The coaching process

My coaching sessions - either online or in person in Munich - are a safe space for you to share what is coming up for you in the present moment. I will guide you gently to find clarity and the right solutions.

Conscious Parenting & Family Coaching


Hi, I'm Michelle

I am a certified Conscious Parenting Coach and trauma-informed Life Coach. My journey with conscious parenting coaching began as I navigated a period of major transition in my own life and found it incredibly supportive for me and my children through this time. The principles have fundamentally changed how I live and relate to others and have equipped me with greater self-compassion and self-trust. Getting to know my own patterns, shadows, triggers, and nervous system responses and a regular meditation practice have given me the tools to live more intentionally, authentically and to deepen my connection with my children and in all relationships. These are the tools I now share with my clients.

Michelle Carstens Conscious Parenting & Life Purpose Coach
Conscious Parenting & Family Coaching
Image by Syed Hadi Naqvi
Image by Alex Lvrs
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