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Holding hands: No relationship teaches us more about ourselves than the parent-child relationship. (Image by Roman Kraft)
The bond between father and son - conscious parenting is about connection with your child


Conscious Parenting Coaching

·    Are you locked in constant power struggles with your child?

·    Do you feel guilty for yelling at your kids?

·    Is your child having problems at school and you’re looking for support?

·    Are you worried about their behaviour or mental health?

·    Do you feel governed by screen time?

·    Are you feeling overwhelmed by parenting or life in general?

·    Are you mentally or physically exhausted?


Parenting is incredibly hard


I know. In fact, I’d say it is one of the most challenging and hair-raising jobs we’ll ever do in our lives. For all our desires to get it all right and be the best parent we can be, we are quick to feel guilty when we struggle to keep boundaries, lose our cool, or just feel like we're doing it all wrong. And we naturally feel distress if our child is unhappy, acting out or not meeting certain expectations. But here’s the thing: parenting isn't about being perfect. You are not crazy or “bad” for needing help as a parent and it’s OK to reach out.


I am here to help you to parent with more confidence, calmness and connection. Together we will embark on a gentle process to become aware of certain patterns that are playing out between you and your child. Some might be familiar to you; others might be surprising to discover.  During our coaching sessions, either in person in Munich or online, I will help you learn:


Tools and techniques to


·   communicate effectively with your child;

·   identify the needs behind their behaviour;

·   help them manage their emotions;

·   support them in developing greater autonomy, resilience and self-trust


and much more.

Connect to your child - and to yourself

Conscious Parenting Coaching can help you to find the right balance between meeting the needs of your child, whilst ensuring your own needs as a parent and as a grown-up are not left by the wayside.  This creates greater peace and equanimity not just in relationship with your child, but in every relationship in your life.​

Schedule a free discovery session with me and find out more.

A tree with many branches: conscious parenting invites us to look at our family tree and learn which patterns, behaviors or trauma have been passed dwon through generations (Image by Carlos Costa)
Father and daughter bonding: Conscious parenting helps you toreate a safe space for your child to express who they truly are.
Stormy sea: Conscious parenting can help you stay calm when triggered
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