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Relationship Coaching
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Conscious Relationship Coaching

Our hectic lives can place enormous strain on families and relationships.


Striking a balance between parenting, job and career, the children’s schooling and activities, dealing with elderly parents, whilst maintaining some form of social life and your sanity – well, it’s downright complicated and exhausting.


More often than not it leaves little time and space for the individual needs of each parent or as a couple. Problems in a partnership begin to manifest as frustration, communication blocks or the feeling you are no longer seen or understood by the other person creep in over time.


Not only that, but we also change and grow as we get older and gain awareness through life’s experiences. Some couples will evolve together, others will grow apart. There is no right or wrong. There is only a chance to learn. It’s an invitation to look within.


I am here with support for you if you:
  • are stuck in cycles of conflict or just can’t see eye to eye.

  • feel you’ve grown apart or want different things out of life.

  • fear the other is pulling away or has shutdown.

  • want more closeness and intimacy.

  • have hit a major crisis.

  • are going through separation or divorce.

  • don’t know the right thing to do – for you, your partner, your children…


As a Conscious Relationship Coach, I’m here to support you through this process. In our coaching sessions, either in person in Munich or online, we will take it step by step to get to the heart of the issue. I can help you find and activate the resources within you to find the best possible resolution.


Coaching focus areas:

  • Connection and communication in your partnership

  • Working with and understanding your emotions

  • Discovering your patterns and those playing out in your relationship

  • Self-compassion, self-esteem & authenticity as a key to deepening relationships

  • “Conscious uncoupling”

  • Support during or after separation or divorce

  • How to look out for the kids and their needs in a crisis

  • How to build a respectful, cooperative co-parenting relationship and create a positive, resilient family across two homes

  • Dynamics and issues within the extended family

Contact me for a free discovery session to find out more.

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