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  • Michelle Carstens

How to be truly present as a parent

When you’re in the middle of a hectic day and the to-do list is swirling in the head, it’s hard to keep up with the chatter of a child.

In fact, when you’ve got a hundred of your own problems to solve, you might even find yourself stressed out by having to listen to who said what at school or explain why the sky is blue.

In our mind, this all seems pretty unimportant compared to our stuff. But it's not for your child. And more important than the topic itself is the fact that you’re with them. That you see them, understand them and get them.

When we only absently half-answer, whilst checking our phone, mentally re-hashing that conversation with a friend and thinking about a work deadline (and yes, I’m speaking from experience - we’ve all been there), we’re missing the chance to truly connect with our child. These are fleeting moments. You can’t get them back. And they are vital for a child’s self-confidence and self-worth.

Our ego is unrelenting: it insists everything must be solved quick smart otherwise we face catastrophe. And yet, we forget how much works itself out when we let it be. And we do get it done, one step at a time. In each present moment.

When you’re with your child, take a breath and take the time to be. Be in your body, get out of your head, be with them. There’s nothing to fix and nothing to solve in this moment. Even if your mind tells you otherwise.

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