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  • Michelle Carstens

What do kids really want?

Of course, there is an endless list of things kids want and enjoy having. The latest iPhone, the right brand of clothes, a new Lego set, a gaming console, getting into the best sports team, or a holiday at the beach. We all love getting something new or going somewhere we’ve looked forward to. But what all children really yearn for goes much deeper. And doesn’t involve us providing them with any of these things. What our children need from us in order to thrive is to know: Am I seen? Am I worthy? Do I matter? When children feel seen, believe they are worthy, and know that they matter for who they are as a person and not just for what they do or for their achievements, they are able to enjoy their own sense of self. As parents, our connection to them as they start out in life is crucial. At this stage of their development, their sense of their lovability and worth is still fragile. They need us to mirror back to them how capable they are of running their own life. To do this successfully, parents must be in touch with their own inner life, aware of their own uniqueness and attuned to their own purpose. Otherwise, we are bound to become disconnected, bored, lonely, and more often than not, needy, which is when we are in danger of using our children to fulfil our own dreams. How then can a child develop its own sense of self? If you want to improve your relationship to your child and empower him or her to more self-confidence, contact me for a free discovery session to find out more about conscious parenting coaching. #consciousparenting #consciousparentingcoach #consciouscoaching #traumainformed #generationalhealing #elterncoaching #kindererziehung #elternsein #emotionalhealth

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